Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Shopping

More to come, but for now let me just say that the IKEA store in Chicago is going to enable a bit of redecoration at the Isaacson house without breaking the bank. If we had a truck we'd be bringing home a new range. As it is, it's new shades and curtains in one room.

More to come, as I say.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

On The Road Again

Off to visit family. All the family, all the time. On Saturday, the end of the first week, we took a walk around Phalen Lake and found the Dragon Festival. Dragon boats and a beautiful new statue.

From Summer 09

The beauty of the statue was matched by the beauty of the day. Sunny, low 80's. The only problem is that the Twin Cities are suffering with an extreme drought. Minnehaha Falls, I hear is totally dry this year. That's really sad and I don't want to see the falls without water.

Apparently the big event of the Dragon festival is the Dragon Boat races, on Sunday. Here's a photo of the Dragon Boat, from the east side of the lake. I've got some video from the West side of the lake I'll post later.

From Summer 09

The best vacation events are those you just happen upon.