Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Should I Go Back to This Doctor?

I went to Hutchinson, to my urologist, today.

It seems strange to call this doctor "My Urologist." This is the second urologist I've visited, the second who has shoved things up my butt and clipped off pieces from my inside.

The first was three years ago, a urologist in Salina. I went with a high reading on one blood test, with some trepidation on the part of my Family Physician that I might have some serious problems. The urologist in Salina had his own operating suite and his own treatment unit, both of which encourage cutting regardless of the genuine need. After cutting, getting a biopsy and charging me a great deal for the fun I had, I got a negative report and no treatment.

Two years later I still had a high number and my Family Physician recommended that I go to a specialist. I wanted a different specialist. I went to one in Hutchinson. He too wanted to cut. He cut, it was expensive. There was nothing.

At least he gave me a pill to take to improve things. It didn't do much for one of the symptoms, but seems to have lowered the number.

I'm supposed to go back to him in six months. I don't think I will.

My Family Physician can monitor the numbers. Why should I drive 50 minutes (at $4 per gallon) and spend an extra $30 for this guy to give me a finger wave and read a number?

I don't get it. Don't Doctors pay bills? Don't they have to make budgets?

They do, but they budgets they have to make are the ones that pay for their equipment to shove up and clip, staff and offices. Unfortunately, I don't have the $ to make another doctor visit.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sermon Response

Guest preacher in the pulpit this morning. Thanks Dick Monson.

He preached on the Holy Spirit - it is Pentecost Sunday. One of the comments that stuck with me came from his seminary days? I think. Anyway, an antique once told Dick that he should make a mistake every day, but never make the same mistake. That's kind of tough on a Swede. We tend to make the same mistake over and over again, thinking that the mistake must be right, but the outcome could easily be mistaken. It's not us.

I made a mistake today. I got up this morning.

I vow I will not make that same mistake tomorrow.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weiner Worse

How bad is Anthony Weiner's trespass?

During this spring sabbatical I had opportunity to read the correspondence from American writer Ben Hecht to his wife Rose. I don't know that Hecht had mistresses - I suspect he may have though he doesn't talk about them in anything I've read. He expected that his friends, most of whom were Hollywood types, would have liaisons outside of marriage.

I bring this up because Hecht's letters to his Rose from Hollywood were, to say the least, erotic. They were, not to put too fine a point on it, filthy. If he had a mistress any letters to her would also be filthy. And if anyone ever found those letters they would be shocked, shocked, shocked.

On the other hand, here's Weiner. Tweeting suggestive flirtations. Hmmmm.

Is it the medium that makes the message more salacious or just the times that makes the salaciousness into news?

It's Not Funny

I've taken to listening to the Comedy stations on Sirius radio. There are four channels on the network devoted to standup. It's interesting to hear the comedians from fifty years ago, the Bob Hopes and his generation.

There are a few comedy bits I refuse to listen to, however. The comedians, like Carlos Mencina, who maintain that in their childhood they were beaten and therefore it's OK to beat children because they will outgrow it and turn into upstanding right thinking individuals.

Some will.

The far greater majority of children who are beaten will grow up to beat their children, who grow up to beat their children. They will believe that violence is the solution to problems, not the cause. They will grow up to be troubled people.

It is not funny.

Beating children is not funny. It is never funny. It cannot be funny. Please, comedians, stop thinking that it is ever funny for a grown up to beat a little child.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aging and Boredom

Just back from a weekend in Minnesota. Spent some of the time at my wife's home with her 90 year old parents. Her mom spends a great deal of time sleeping.

I wonder, how much of nap time comes because Mom genuinely needs a nap, and how much is driven by boredom. I know I was so bored at times that I took to napping even when I wasn't really tired. So the question is, how do you stimulate the elderly when they have limited vision, hearing and mobility?

A cattle prod might work on me when I get into that sort of stupor.