Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's Not Funny

I've taken to listening to the Comedy stations on Sirius radio. There are four channels on the network devoted to standup. It's interesting to hear the comedians from fifty years ago, the Bob Hopes and his generation.

There are a few comedy bits I refuse to listen to, however. The comedians, like Carlos Mencina, who maintain that in their childhood they were beaten and therefore it's OK to beat children because they will outgrow it and turn into upstanding right thinking individuals.

Some will.

The far greater majority of children who are beaten will grow up to beat their children, who grow up to beat their children. They will believe that violence is the solution to problems, not the cause. They will grow up to be troubled people.

It is not funny.

Beating children is not funny. It is never funny. It cannot be funny. Please, comedians, stop thinking that it is ever funny for a grown up to beat a little child.

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