Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kyle Johnson

I'm still working on the video from Kyle Johnson's recital. I am putting together a single video out of three camera angles and the audio from the Music departments recording system. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the product. It's the most ambitious product I've attempted since being at Bethany.

Thus far I have this single piece complete.

Kyle Johnson plays Batiste from Carl Isaacson on Vimeo.

I think the shifts in view make sense. The sound is much better than I could record with a camera under these circumstances.

I'm glad this system is working to bring the quality of edit I've attained with this piece. It is tedious work. I've come to know the Offertoire better than I ever thought I would. While the visual quality of the piece is marred by the quality of what I can upload before it is converted to flash - and by the quality of the light in Presser Hall - still I'm not entirely ashamed of the work.

Hope you enjoy.

I'm working on a 3 camera shoot for jultide today. The way this piece came together gives me great hope for the jultide visuals.

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