Saturday, January 16, 2010

Topeka Rev. Heading To Haiti

Topeka Rev. Heading To Haiti Read this one on I have to wonder about this guy's going to Haiti. He says he loves the Haitian people - just like Wycliff Jean - and like Jean he doesn't seem to have any skills in disaster relief.

It seems to me that none of us who aren't specialists in disaster relief need to be anywhere near Haiti right now. No matter if we have family we're desperate to find, nor if we love the Haitian people, nor even if we have decided that beyond physical relief the people of Haiti also need evangelical comfort.

If we aren't there to help with the physical needs of these people at this time, we're just getting in the way. Moreover, we're going to need food and water, which means that there are four or five more mouths to feed and hydrate.

So, big hearts, I'm guessing the best thing is to follow the advice of former Presidents Clinton and Bush and stay home and send your cash to work through one of the many credible relief organizations.

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