Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where I'm blogging at the moment

It's a month and a little more since I last blogged at this spot.

A great deal since, and some things about the college probably worth discussing.

Is it a good thing for the college to reduce music from 5 faculty to 4? To reduce the History Poly Sci from three to two? (Effectively 2/3 of one this fall, with Kahler finishing the HLC report and Pigge off to England.) What about reducing Math to one?

Those are all worthy of comment, and I do have opinions (no, no, yes). I also have reasons for opinions. However, at the moment I'm not focused on Lindsborg news. I'm focused on Iceland news.

I'm in Iceland with four friends. We're here as part of Rotary International's GSE team, and we'll spend four weeks in Iceland. It's a great time to be here. Iceland just made it into the Euro-song final, and Saturday there are elections. The daily paper is full of election news, of which I can puzzle out the headlines.

If you want to follow our Icelandic exploits, visit the blog at the Lindsborg Rotary Club. All the news that fits is there!

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