Monday, July 12, 2010

Who's the Bigger Demagogue?

Jerry Moran and Todd Tiahrt are battling for the far right wing of the ring wing party.

Moran's memes include "Illegal immigrants are costing us money" and "Secure the borders" and "Todd Tiahrt is for reduced tuition for illegal immigrants." The one that is really dangerous is "No constitutional rights for terrorists, none, zero."

That one is frightening because so many people are thoughtlessly embracing this idea. Or at least they seem to be. The Republican outrage over reading the Nigerian underpants bomber his rights - Mirandizing him - was wrong and counter productive.

Of course, all the evidence is that treating this would be terrorist humanely has resulted in good information and has not kept the government from prosecuting the case. And the problem with "no constitutional rights for terrorists" is "who gets to decide who is a terrorist and when do they get to decide that?"

I'm sure a smart lawyer like Moran has thought through that issue. I wonder what his response to that is? I guess I'll send him an e-mail and ask. I don't expect to get an answer.

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