Monday, February 21, 2011

What's Wisconsin About?

Just watched the local news - and NBC national news - totally screw the uniions in Wisconsin.

"It's about balancing the budget . . . The Unions are resisting a bill that requires them to pay more for their insurance." This is NBC and the local NBC affiliate, KSN.

They got it wrong. The Unions have said, "We will give back $, but we will not give up our right to organize and negotiate for wages and benefits. We will not give up our right to strike. We will not give up our collective bargaining rights." That's what this is about. This is Republican Union Busting - so that there will be no opposition to the big money the big boys bring and Republicans can turn the whole of the country into Kansas. The news needs to tell the whole story, instead of accepting the Republican frame for the story.

What's the Matter with Kansas?

Nothing with the people, everything with the politics. It's not a state that likes to see that working people get a break. It all belongs to the Koch brothers and Walmart.  I swear we're a wholly owned subsidiary.

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