Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In the Evening

By the evening the weather had come round, much less wind, beautiful cloud formations, a gorgeous sunset.

I've been so busy today that I haven't kept up with anything. I know the composting conference is on the campus, but I haven't had any contact. I'm still working at getting the final props, costumes, and set pieces for Easter. Did well today, and think I have a line on a suit coat that's big enough for our big guy.

One of the things I saw today as I was antique shopping was that men's suit styles haven't changed much from 1899 to today. Except for that unfortunate period of the 1970s when we thought that double knit was suitable and something called leisure suits would qualify as a suit.

"Easter" is coming along, just as Easter is coming along. Hope we'll see broad support in the community, since this play is just the opposite of the kind of play complained about in the News Record.

Updates on the Composting Conference if I have any tomorrow.

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