Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Post on Old Issues

I got a comment yesterday on a blog post from June of 2007. That is old, stuff that's way dead.

I wouldn't bring it up - and maybe this post belongs in the Interpersonal Communication blog I'm posting to - but I think there is something here to discuss.

Frankly, I was offended by the post. What offended me was a kind of condescending tone that assumed I knew nothing about the newspaper business, and certainly nothing about the newspaper business in a small town/rural newspaper.

Trouble is, I do know some. I may not know enough to run one profitably, but I do some thing about newspapers.

The point is, we often tend to assume that all others are neophytes who know nothing about our situation. Therefore, when we respond to others we tend to respond to them as if they were in need of schooling - rather than as adults responding to adults and differing in opinion.

The post in question - and the comment - can be found here. The dispute is the News Record's absence from Leonard's introduction - and their blaming the college for their lack of coverage.

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Bradley said...

As irritating as that comment is, I hope you're able to find at least a little humor in a person voicing his objection to "anonymous bloggers" by posting an anonymous comment to someone's blog.

I know, technically, he or she had to employ a pseudonym to leave the comment. Still, seems like a person willing to criticize someone else like that should be willing to attach his or her own name to the criticism. Especially as he or she seems to have such a problem with other people's anonymity.