Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Can You Believe It?

Old friend Don Greenwood contacted me - through facebook - with the suggestion that I scan and put online the happy hippy papers I was responsible for when I was an undergraduate. I promised I would, but knew that I had lost the documents.

Found them last night and began to take a look. Eventually I hope that we'll have both the "Period" and the "Augustana Observer" online in this year.

What I discovered as I looked at these publications I saw how arrogant we were back in the day. I couldn't believe it. Augustana opened a planetarium and observatory and we called it "Dr. Nelson's new toy."

We disdained regular headlines. We disdained journalism. Our standards were way beyond low. I couldn't believe me. Once I start getting these things up, you'll see that you can't believe me either.

What saved me, and the publications, were that there were enough genuinely talented people surrounding the chief in order to make the arrogance bearable. You'll see.

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