Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Would you look at that

Casually going through the AAA magazine this morning. Because of other plans to take care of emergency roadside assistance, we'll soon be dropping the AAA and losing the magazine. So glad that hasn't happened yet.
There on Page 16, big as life and bigger than Jim Richardson on page 15, is our friend and fellow Rotarian and Bethany alum, Lee Becker. She's working on her painting of the Indian woman squatting beside the road. She's sitting in front of her mammoth painting of an Indian rhino.
How cool is this. It almost makes me want to renew my connection to AAA - but I don't quite have the money.
Congratulations Lee. You deserved the recognition.

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A said...

Right on! It was great Lbg "arts" mention. Jim & Kathy deserve it, for all their hard work. Lee also. I wish they also had included Sandzen Gallery, Raymer, etc., etc.