Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kudos to LNR

John Marshall has done something great. He has created a strong, convincing argument against the current Rethuglican "can't."

Of course, he was more polite about it than I am. He doesn't take on all the issues that our current one party system has created, but he argues forcefully against celebrating the recently passed budget as a "victory."

John argues that the budget was built on crippling schools and cities. Further he argues that the legislature has made it impossible for cities and schools to gain the resources they need to do the job they are charged to do. This makes our schools and our towns less attractive, driving people out of our state and further degrading life in our state.

I don't know about John's logic. I find it appealing, but I don't know that the logic is flawless.

The most amazing thing about this editorial is John's use of the word "progressive."

The American right has, for years, villified the terms "left," "liberal," and "progressive." Kudos to John and the LNR for daring to use the term!

It was a great editorial. I hope we'll see more like it. Even more, I hope that our local representatives give thought to John's words and the rest of us ask why the current Rethuglicans refuse to let towns like ours control our own destiny.

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