Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First Day of Rhearsal

Tonight the cast of Damn Yankees got its start on the road to opening night.

Director Cody Whetstone explains the details of the setting and its meaning for the show in this little clip

Cody's point about the "ever present metaphor" for the show is an important one. Think about all the things that the ballfield fence does for us as spectators. It defines our view of the game - unlike the sandlot game, this is a "real" game. The game is kept in the park and doesn't spill over into the rest of life. But then again, life is like a game, isn't it. If Shakespeare could proclaim "all the world's a stage," the poet of our time might declare, "all the world's a ball field." And winning and losing on the field have become, not merely metaphorically important, but existentially important. Witness what happened to Tony Johnson when he failed, for the 3rd year, to have a winning season with the Bethany Swedes.

Absent at the opening night was Rachel Bouza, who'll be playing the temptress Lola. Rachel, a Bethany sophomore, is off visiting the Grand Canyon. Hopefully we'll get some video footage posted before heading off for vacation.

Thursday Bethany College announces its new president. I promise to have video footage of the announcement and interview with the new President up on the blog by Thursday midnight - Friday early AM at the latest.

I've got an idea for Wednesday's post, but I have to see if I can get the interview I want, and the tour I'm looking for, by Wednesday afternoon.


I've noticed that my mp4 files haven't been playing properly - those 5 seconds of odd video are annoying. They don't seem to show up at the You Tube site - if you want to see the video without the annoying part, just click on the older video and I think you'll get a better view. This one isn't an mp4, and it has all the video I put onto the web.

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