Wednesday, May 30, 2007

An Old Video

This is a clip from Chris Miller's screenplay "Lose the Game." Chris has been working on this project for some time. We shot this video at the end of last summer, but I never had time to edit the shoot and put the best pieces into anything like a movie scene. WARNING!!! THE HERO OF THE PIECE - PLAYED BY CODY WHETSTONE - USES SOME ROUGH LANGUAGE. If the f-bomb offends, don't watch this clip!!!!

This is also an attempt to see if I can improve the video I upload to this site.

Thursday, 11 am, Bethany College Announces its new President. I'll be there with my video camera, and the announcement will appear here before it appears on Wichita television stations. I'll bring you the whole of the announcement - though if the ceremony takes longer than 10 minutes it will have to be shown in more than one clip - or I'll have to post it to something besides You tube.

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