Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Signage

Friday, coming home from Bethany, I met Bill Carlson on the bike path.

Bill wasn't biking, he was digging holes - assisting in the digging of holes - along the path. Bill, along with Swisher and several other senior members of the Lindsborg community, is involved in a new signage program.

The Välkommen Trail through Lindsborg is slated to become an easy history lesson for those who walk, bike, jog or skate the trail. The first signs, placed at the beginning of the summer, locate the two major railroad stations and give Lindsborg's elevation. The new signs, placed this past Friday, give some insight into Lindsborg's early attempts at bring electric power to the town, the development of the CO-OP and the history of early Lindsborg. These new signs are located at the trail and Union, just south of Lincoln and just north of Lincoln.

Plans call for additional signage explaining important points in Lindsborg's history. Signage is planned to be near the Bethany College campus on the north and at the Heritage Park and near the Old Mill in the south.

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