Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Seasons is Coming

Now you might be thinking that I should be saying, "Seasons are coming."

Nope. It's singular, a new restaurant in Lindsborg. On my way to the grocery the current state of the former Aaron's building caught my eye.

I know I've been gone for a month this summer, but I've been back for three weeks now. How could I have missed the amazing transformation of that metal building?

I went in and met Don, fiance of one of the new owners.

Don, a Californian, is here helping the California branch of the Landgren family establish their new restaurant and lounge, Seasons.

Exterior and interior are both getting a going over in the remake of the building. Opening by Hyllningsfest, Seasons will feature a lounge and family restaurant. The lounge, on the east side of the building, will have a sports bar along with booths for dining.

The dining room, on the west side of the building, will feature both booth and table dining.

Menus, according to Don, will vary with the theme of the day. Plans now call for an Italian night, a Hispanic night, and so forth. Steak will be a part of everyday on the menu.

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