Friday, July 20, 2007

So Long, Doctor Vogel

It was a tearful goodbye this Friday morning, July 20th, as Bob and Sally Vogel bid farewell to the faculty and staff at Bethany College.
Though he'd only been with the college for a few months, Dr. Vogel had been fully integrated into both the college and the community's life, an integration reflected in his talk and in the number of faculty and staff who came to say goodbye.
"This is like you're in the neck of a bottle," Doctor Vogel said, by way of encouragement to the faculty and staff. "You have to pull together to make sure you all get out past this bottleneck. But you will do it. You are precious."
The ten am gathering was replete with cake, coffee and well wishers, as almost all of the staff came to bid the interim president and his wife adieu.
Bethany's new President, Dr. Ed Leonard, will be at work in just a few weeks.

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