Friday, March 19, 2010

Bed, Bed, I couldn't go to bed

It's almost Friday of Spring Break. I've gotten a heap done, but I still have a heap more I want to do. I can't go to bed. There are too many fun things yet to do.

I've uploaded a bunch of photos to Panoramio, another Google photo site - one that is closely connected to Google earth. It's pretty cool. I was able to map a panoramic shot of a school front in Stockholm to the precise location, and the Gorilla to the gorilla enclosure at the Como Zoo. Lots of fun browsing other photos near yours. I'm just getting to know that site, but I want to stay up and explore more.

I've also spent some time this week working on the Lindsborg Rotary site, and getting ready for our trip to Iceland. Started studying Icelandic online. It is indeed related to Swede - modern Swedish is an outgrowth of the old Norse that is the basis for contemporary Icelandic.

So many things to get done. But now it is Friday and now I should give it up and go to bed. Tomorrow, grade papers and start to head back to being a teacher. In the meantime, more fun.

I'm really sad that I'm not 30 and have another 50 years of learning how to get the most out of life. I know how to do it now - when I was 30 I was not at all ready for what I'm doing now. But if I could go back with all that I know now - what fun I could have!

Tomorrow I take my second lesson on working with Photoshop Elements.

I wonder why students don't get as excited about learning how to do new things as I do. Maybe I should ask them.

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