Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Day of Spring

It was sixty today. Sixty.

More important, the sun was shining. Do you hear! The Sun was Shining!

I didn't get the porch painted today. I bought a bio degradable paint stripper, but it takes four to twenty four hours between application and paint being ready to strip. I'm going to try after dinner.

But I had to prove I was out in the beautiful sunshine, that I didn't spend my whole day sitting on the couch working on my online life. I really didn't.

I did, however, take a few pictures to play with. This is the result of starting an online course in using Photoshop elements 6.0. I've only taken one lesson and I've only learned one technique - selecting part of the photo for alteration. Tomorrow, Friday, I take lesson two! Who knows what I'll learn by the time this course is over.

It's part of the ed2go system. Cengage, a division of the same company that publishes Wadsworth books. I'm taking it through Fort Hayes State University, but they're not involved in the process, other than collecting the fees. The instructor has set up the class fairly well, but it's a bit like working through a text book.

Still, I'm learning something new, it's the only day of spring we're going to get before spring. So, what's there to complain about.

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