Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sorry Cisco

There are a series of commercials for Cisco - I'm not sure what part of Cisco this is supposed to represent - the point to point communication that is demonstrated? the routers that make it possible? the software that undergirds the network? It isn't clear.

In one commercial the young woman visits her elementary school classroom. The students in the classroom announce that they're going to China. Then, surprise, we see a Chinese classroom in beautiful 1080p resolution.

Of course, there's a problem for Cisco. It's called the internet. A quick search for a World Clock reveals that part of China is thirteen hours ahead of central time - so twelve hours ahead of east coast time (which is where Ellen seems to live). That means when it is 9 am in, say, Weymouth MA it's what - 10 pm in Beijing. Hmmm.

One set of those school children are either on tape - or up way past their bed times.

Copenhagen, BTW is 6 hours ahead of Midwest - five hours ahead of the east coast?

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