Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ensign Resigns At Last

One of the biggest Washington Hypocrites is John Ensign.

Here's the way it seems to go in American politics.

If you're a Democrat and you get caught in a sex scandal - it's just confirmation of the lack of moral grounding among the godless liberals (there aren't supposed to be any godly liberals, of course). Even though you've just done what conservathugs know liberals do all the time, you're supposed to immediately resign and go home in shame.

If you're a Rethuglican you go on TV, with your wife by your side, cry a little bit, proclaim you're sorry and decry same sex marriage - or something like that. You continue on and run for re-election (and if you're from Louisiana you win, despite the diaper routine).

Ensign followed the pattern for a year and a half. Now he's finally resigned. So much for family values.

Oh, wait, he screwed both the husband and the wife and the government - so I guess that's keeping it all in the family.

Glad he's gone.

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