Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hey, Firefighters

I "get" your frustration with the tepid response of the national Democratic party to the assault on unions and the right to organize. I understand that you want to see stronger response and you're not willing to fund efforts to elect Democrats if Democrats won't stand up for unions.

But, please, explain to me how this current public announcement that you're going to stop supporting national Democratic candidates is going to help your cause. You are going to get more Republicans elected. And if you think this round was brutal, just wait until you're trying to organize in a Rethuglican controlled nation - a Michigan or Wisconsin gone national.

Wait, and remember - you decided not to fund the tepid. Now you have nothing.

Busting unions and shutting down public works, demeaning public employees. This is what Rethuglicans do. Help elect them and you help your members lose their jobs, their pensions, and their future.

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