Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Easter - Has the World Gone Mad

Came across a couple of strange links for Easter Morning.

The first was a youtube video from Iceland - that I can't find anymore - of someone who was destroying his house rather than letting the bank foreclose (I had to ask google to translate for me).

There there's the story I've linked to in the title - a Norwegian 11 year old attacked and nearly hung to death in a playground at a campground in Värmland. What? Seriously. What?

This is not behavior I'd expect in Sweden, even in viking times. Yes there was violence back in the day, but sneaking up behind an 11 year old and trying to hang him. Why? Because he was Norwegian or just because he was an 11 year old. This is not right. This is disturbing.

On the other hand, Al Jazeera reported on Easter celebrations. It was a nice report.

I'm generally more satisfied with Al Jazeera's world reports than with those of most other major news organizations. They are covering stories the western press doesn't bother with, and seem to be covering them without hype or extreme point of view.

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