Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bethany Church Yard Sale

Okay, so this is as much a commercial announcement as it is a news bulletin.

And, in the interest of full disclosure I have to tell you that I am a member of Bethany Lutheran Church, a congregation I've come to love dearly. But I'm willing to use this blog to publicize other people's events, for free, including video.

I believe in local news, local shopping and local institutional support. It's one of the reasons I won't shop at Sams Club, Wal-mart or Target for things I can get at Scotts. The bargains at those places are a false bargain. First, in pure dollars, you save, at most, pennies on the dollar. Second, you work against your own best interests. Imagine this town without a grocery store - or with a much smaller and more limited grocery store. You've got a Sterling or a Chapman, two places that were once wonder places to live, but now have become economically distressed places to live and work and shop and raise a family.

I want a grocery store in town, so I shop at Scotts for everything I can buy at Scotts.

I want churches in town, so I attend a church in town, a church I like, filled with people who are warm, friendly and welcoming.

Here's the commercial

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