Thursday, June 7, 2007

Who are the Tiny Toads?

That's the band that's coming to play at Midsommar. Tommy Linell, guitar; Michael Åkerlund, keyboards; Jerker Brorson, bass; Petter Brorson, drums. (I downloaded the photo from their web site - the same place I got the notes about the band.)

They seem to be a band on the rise, playing the festival season in Sweden. The group began in 2003 when Tommy had a record in mind, a record he says he could have called, "All My Songs are in English." He knew he wanted to work with Petter Brorson, because he was a great drummer and knew how to laugh. Petter brought his brother, Jerker, on board. At that point the group, says Tommy, could have been called, "The Best Band I Never Played With." By the fall of 2003 the group had added Michael Åkerlund and the band was fully formed - but un-named. Tommy explains that the name came just before they got ready to play a gig.

"The name 'Tiny Toads' (klena paddorna) . . . came when I looked in a lexicon. The word Toads was the first I laid eyes on, Tiny the second. Petter laughed the whole day at it. . . There you are, we're Tiny Toads and we laugh a lot! That's what's close to our hearts, laughter and music."

If you want to hear their music go to the musiken page of their web site: "Click Musiken" to see the sample tracks the band has online.

The English page gives you some information, but you can't navigate back to the main pages from that English site.


Webby said...

I'm Swedish but I live in Canada. Found your blog via Julie-Ann.

I think their name, Tiny Toads, might refer to a VERY common song, sung by children..especially during Midsummer, called «Små Grodorna»..the little frogs.

They often sing that song when they dance around the Midsommarstång.

Kalle Lilla said...

That's what I thought too, but Tommy said otherwise at his web site. I just translated what I read there, but I originally thought that they might be playing on Små Grodorna - which isn't klena padorna, Tommy's Swedish translation of the name.