Thursday, June 14, 2007

Here Come the Swedes

It's been Swede day. Started out with a normal over tasked day - my own fault as usual. By the end of the afternoon I'd been out teaching Mark Ahlseen to drive a stick shift - Swede Number 1. The I met Tommy Linnel of Tiny Toads - and the rest of the band followed along - at the Grocery story. Swede number 2. Scott's is a great place to meet and greet. He approved of my translation.


The evening the local Swedophiles were over at the Charter School for an introduction to Learn Sweden, an online enrichment learning site. There I met Stigh Sameland - who actually grew up in Sami land, and Torbjörn Bergsdal, Swedes number 3 and 4.

I came home and checked other online Swedish language learning sites. There's nothing as complete as the offering of Learn Sweden. If you want to practice your language, learn the language for the first time, or learn Swedish cooking or about Swedish famous personalities, this is the place to do it. They use Moodle, which might seem intimidating at first, but really isn't difficult to learn. Moodle is easier than Swedish.

The Favorite's roll has increased by two. A more personal blog from Julie Ann Neywick and her photo pages from Flickr. One Swedish American supports another.

Tomorrow (Friday) begins the weekend's madness. Alf Brorson at 10 am, shopping for Rotary's food booth at 11 am. And on and on. I'm looking forward to Saturday, but with a bit of dread as well.


Webby said...

Hello again,
I think it's fantastic what you do there! One day I hope to visit that part of North America.

Me and another Swedish lady have decided to start blogging in Swedish. We've been blogging at Yahoo in English for two years now.

My Swedish blog is entitled «På lätt svenska». I will add your link.

I'm going to check out the site Learn Sweden now. Had not heard about it before.

Julie-Ann said...

Hej fellow Swede! Tusen tack for adding my blog & photos. Vi ses snart! julie-ann