Saturday, June 16, 2007

Midsommar Days 1 and 2

I've already posted one about Tiny Toads. I'm pretty pooped right now. We leave tomorrow for Chicago, Sweden, Chicago, Minnesota. I'm pretty much packed, but probably not as well as I should be. I say this as a way of explaining both my somewhat rambling posts and as a way of saying that I'll be posting less frequently in the next few weeks.

If I can find places to download photos, I'll do that. I have video of Alf's entire Friday presentation, and I'll edit that in Mid july when I get home.

It was, overall, a good midsommar, though I got overheated. It's funny what happens when you get over heated. The least little comment can make you take things seriously that aren't meant seriously. The heat also makes you say things you otherwise wouldn't have said.

But it was a good day for Rotary. We probably made enough on Midsommar that we'll be able to fund our Bethany College Scholarship from this one event. It's a small scholarship, but we're proud of it.

The Folkdanslag acquited themselves well, I thought. Dr. Frederickson keeps us on our toes, and so does Charlotte.

The Toads got to rocking in the Heritage park.

The Majstång went up with no one being crushed under the weight of the pole. Lots of people came out and danced.

So it was a good day. Tomorrow comes the rain.

I'll try to keep friends and neighbors posted from the road and read comments, but it won't be as often as I would like, Anybody who needs to keep us all up to date on something happening in Lindsborg, please add it to the comments section. Particularly updates on Damn Yankees. Folks out of town are reading to keep up with the show.

See you in a few weeks.


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Julie-Ann said...

I am sooooooooooooo jealous. YOU are in Sweden. I am sitting here in 94F weather in Kansas. Usch!!!

I did not make it to the park as I worked at the Clogs 'N Such for 3 days. But I went to the evening events.

Thanks for using my photo. I will let you know if anything outstanding happens in town & if I have photos of it.

Ha de bra sommarlov!