Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hershey Track Meet

Wednesday, June 6, the Lindsborg Parks and Recreation Department - i.e., Thad Morical - held the annual Hershey Track and Field meet at Anderson Field on the Bethany College Campus. Here's a short video.

The guy who's not 14 is Gavin, not the boy you see when I say that! Ooops. I didn't get the details on the meet - I'm just a guy with a camera and not a reporter. Sorry parents.

How come there were so few kids at the event? One of the reasons might be that you saw nothing about it in the local newspaper. Maybe Thad needs to do more publicizing of the event - but maybe the local paper of record needs to do a little more reporting.

For more information about the Kansas meet visit the Hershey Track and Field Kansas site.

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