Monday, January 12, 2009

Catherine the Movie Producer

Catherine the Movie Producer
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It's been a great year at Rotary so far. The programs have all been above average - like this one with Catherine, the producer for Au Pair Kansas.

We had to wait for Catherine, but she was well worth waiting for.

Other highlights of the fall - the AT&T manager who brought phones back to Greensburg. The helper dogs. The books of War.

January began with the bones of Forensic Science, and this week it continues with the Child Care Center. We'll hopefully find a way that Lindsborg Rotary can help out at the Child Care Center - one of the meanings of our theme "Make Dreams Real" is involvement in the lives of children.

Then we'll hear from Darrell Purdy, Bethany's director of housing and leader in a program that makes dreams real for people with handicaps. That's January 21st.

Finally, we'll hear about the latest business to open in Lindsborg - the Coffee Roastery in the old Blacksmith Shop - and we'll have our coffee fresh roasted in the Levin Room.

So, would you like to hear any of these folks? Lindsborg Rotary will always welcome you.

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