Thursday, January 1, 2009

Painful To Watch

Didn't do much to celebrate the New Year's arrival. Bought some cheap bubbly, watched Charlie Chan at the Circus, then tuned in the televised New Year's Eve celebrations.

Carson Daley was sad. Here's a guy that once had a huge following on MTV, and now his show is canceled and he's out in the cold bidding to become the next Dick Clark.

Sadder still was Dick himself. See below (you first hear Dick at 42 seconds):

I know that he's had a stroke and that he is making a courageous recovery. For that I salute him. However, he sounds as if he's trying to hold onto former glory, or reclaim new glory. He sounds like a sad recording of himself. His stroke has caused him to try to form words in new ways, thus we see prominent canines that are usually hidden. It looks like he has fangs in the back of his throat. The only thing that looks good is his haircut.

But then there's that strange party on the platform with Ryan Seacrest. Ryan talks to Lionel Ritchie, possibly because he's the only other adult on the platform. Both of these guys now want to suck up to the Jonas Brothers, and it is as if Taylor Swift isn't even there.

Then, when the ball drops we watch the excited platform party and not the ball dropping. What's that about?

Overall, sad, even pathetic, painful to watch.

I'm going to watch another Charlie Chan. It may be dated, but the pains are due to the era in which it was made. Oh, maybe the same can be said of Dick Clark, but which parts of him am I thinking of?

Sorry, that wasn't nice.

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