Sunday, January 4, 2009

How can we speak hope?

Just home from worship. Loren's sermon was a good one, but left me with the desire for dialog and perhaps examples.

He spoke of the hope that belongs to the Christian as a child, born, not of the flesh but of the will of God. Then he said we should speak hope to our children, to our neighbors throughout the new year.

But he never said how, and I wish he would have at least given a few examples.

How shall we speak hope when Israel invades Gaza? How shall we speak hope to the 600,000 Iraqi Christians displaced from their homeland. How shall we speak hope when our government continues to rattle the same swords and voices in our country speak loudly for continuing hostilities with Cuba, with Iran, with Venezuela. What are we who have hope to say to this world?

I don't know. I wish Pastor had offered some thoughts about how speaking hope comes home.

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Juliana said...

Oh, how I agree with you. It is hard to be hopeful at this time. I am feeling more hopeless than some now. If you get answers, let me know. We all could use some hope.