Monday, January 12, 2009

Why I Love Group Work

Each time I teach Small Group Communication I manage to have a day that stands out in my memory as "the day."

The first year at Bethany it was the day we played the communication games the class members created. Here's a photo of Tyler Boyd playing one of the games. I don't know which or what or why.

From Small group 06

This year the great day may have just happened. Today was "Laises faire" group day, a day in which the appointed leader (the instructor) refuses to lead, but rather allows (or forces) the group to take responsibility for its own life.

The anxiety of being faced with this does a number of things for and to a group. This year's group turned to small talk and humor. The humor made the morning, but the group's willingness to look squarely at its own behavior made the class worthwhile.

Here's the group in other action: a Picasa photoalbum:
Small Group 09

Here's video of the group in action:

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