Thursday, January 1, 2009

Home Again

Been a good break. We're homeward bound tomorrow, Friday. We may make it all the way, we may not. It all depends. How's life been in Lindsborg this past week?

Final news from Minnesota: the senate election still isn't finished.

Final final news from Minnesota: there's still lots of snow on the ground and it looks like it may stay here until May.

So, leaving the land of ice and snow and back to the world of wind and rain.


Inergy said...

Notes from home: The kitten is fine, but where did she learn all those swear words? As soon as I walk in the door she starts cussing at me. Where the (squeak) have you been? You're late! I'm bored. You didn't (squeaking) stay long enough yesterday. You're late. I'm looooooonely. I couldn't find her brush or comb, so I took one over, and she's spent a blissful 20 minutes or more the past few days getting very sleek. And when I go downstairs to clean the litter box, it's more swearing -- from her, too. She stays at the top of the stairs and cusses at me. Get the (squeak) up here. Right (squeak) now. I want to play. Come chase me and scare the (squeak) out of me. The really odd thing is, yesterday, when I was brushing her, she smelled lovely and floral, like she'd been in something scented. I walked through the house, but noticed nothing else perfumey, just the cat. Her eye infection is definitely clearing up.

Weather will be in the 50s or so Friday, colder Saturday. Nothing else I can think of that can't wait. See you soon. Scooter will be SO happy.

mike said...

Life in Lindsborg last week?

Warm, peaceful and quiet.