Friday, March 18, 2011

Brook Green Suite

We should be proud of our high school. This is the Chamber Orchestra. How many small town High Schools still have a string program? I doubt that there are many.

Sarah Vowell, several years ago in a This American Life program gave a very funny take on the difference between Band and Orchestra. The Orchestra, she said, wore tuxedoes. The Band wore tuxedo t-shirts. It was, she maintained, like throwing a bag of skittles into a box of Swiss chocolates to mix the Band kids with the Orchestra kids.

Of course, that was in the much larger metropolis of Bozeman, Montana. Here in tiny Lindsborg there is a great tradition of music. The High School is doing its best to preserve that tradition, making music important in the lives of these young people. Hurrah for them! I hope we keep it up despite budget cuts, difficult times and uncertain economies. The music from last night proved the worth of the program.

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