Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sports Illustrated Curse

I am not superstitious. I really am not.

Black cats. Love 'em.

Ladders. I'll walk under them.

Mirrors. Watch we break 'em.

But Sports Illustrated Covers - now that curse may in fact be real.

Last year's five cover spectacular for the final four - Kansas, Ohio State, Villanova, Syracuse, Gonzaga. None in the final four.

This year's five covers: Ohio State, Brigham Young, Duke, . . . and now Kansas. A stunning upset by Virginia Commonwealth. Who are these people, these Virginia Commonwealthians. wealthiers. wealthiwhatevers.

Was it a curse or did the Jayhawks play poorly? Was it a curse or did the Commoners play well?

I'm certainly not in a position to tell you. All I can say is, if I were coach I wouldn't want my team on the cover of SI going into the tournament.

(Oh, BTW, I predicted this on facebook weeks ago. Sooooooorry to be right.)


lindiswede said...

I think they played poorly but they were also picked 2 years in a row by Obama if you want to add him to the curse. LOL

On the other hand VCU have been playing extrememly well and must be very pleased with themselves. Who would have thunk it that Butler and VCU would be in the final four. Time to give these guys their due.

Kalle Lilla said...

Yes, true. But on the other hand 5 of 5 of last year's covers didn't make it past elite 8. 4 of 5 of this year's covers are going home early. How'd the Pres do in comparison? It's not just a Kansas specific curse - but a curse of being on one of the covers at all.