Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kudos to Carla

I've just spent time with Carla Wilson, helping her get a rear projection screen to work.

Carla's working at this for Messiah Church. She's a member there. I'm a member at Bethany.

Carla's working on this so that she doesn't have to paint a huge mural of the back wall at the last Supper.

This is Carla's project. This is Carla's project for Carla's church.

Yet, here I am working on getting this thing to work for her, taking home her graphic file to see if I can't get it resized so it will work. And Earl was there too; he built the frame for the rear projection screen. He's going to come to the theatre department to borrow 1X lumber and hinges.

Did I mention that this is Carla's project.

As I was coming out of Sandzen gallery, having complimented Larry on the bees they've already attracted, I thought - damn, that woman is good. She's got me helping on her project without offering me anything in return or having to bribe me or do anything for me in return for my doing something for her. She just got me feeling that I could and should help her on this project.

I think that's a good thing for a CVB person to be able to do, but I'm not sure Carla realizes that she is as persuasive as she is.

Congrats to Carla, my Lindsborg Citizen of the Day! I might even go to Messiah on Maundy Thursday, just to see how the tableau turns out.

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