Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finished - Sort of

Tah-dah! I've finished the first paper from my sabbatical research!

The Front Page -- a Scene-Act analysis is complete. It needs to be read and proof read and read again, but it is basically finished and ready to go to Professor Cheseboro for reading and response. I'm a bit nervous about that, because he's one whose work I've read since graduate school. I know my argument is sound and that the paper is reasonable and that I'm not pushing my conclusion too far - yet - but I'm still nervous.

Maybe I should comment further upon the significance of the disappearance of the ethnic identifiers - how it parallels the community's disappearance - and how the stereotypical Swedish Male in comedy is a rhetorical homology with the experience of Black folks in film. But, we'd also have to note that Swedes could escape into general white society while blacks, Asians and Latins could not. That's part of the point of the book to come, but isn't really germane to the paper.

Well, I'll see what comes next after I read the text one more time tomorrow. I hope to have this emailed to the reviewer by Monday. I also have to cut for presentation's sake. But that's not bad. Half the research is done. Sort of.

I am going to do more with this in the next few weeks. I plan on going to the Newberry Library and have a look to see what Hecht might have said about the film. I'm also going to the Historical Society to see if there are any comments about either the play or the movie in the Swedish press. But, for the conference presentation, the paper is done.

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