Monday, March 21, 2011

Fantasy Fears for the Teens

When Saint Ronnie was first elected our pontifex maximus he ran on a platform of ending the reign of the welfare queen. You remember her, don't you? The resident of Harlem with two solid gold Cadillacs who bought them with all the extra food stamps she scammed from the rest of us by claiming to have 150 offspring for whom she could collect child support from the State. Suckin' at the National teat she grew rich and fat and the rest of us were left to foot the bill.

Well, Saint Ronnie fixed her wagon, didn't he!

He also fixed the wagon of those obstructionist unionized Air Traffic Controllers! Another group of swine absolutely bathing in the public trough.

But he didn't fix all the feared scam artists and shysters and welfare queens.

Now, thanks to Rethuglican efforts in the teens we'll get the rest of those who think they can get a free ride from the state - and some other freebooters too.

First, we have to solve the massive voter fraud. There were, what, 29 cases, or maybe 129 cases of voter fraud in ten years in Kansas. My God, do you realize what that means! Sibelius' election was probably due to voter fraud!

Then we have to stop those swine the unionized teachers, social workers, fire fighters, police officers who are just sucking us dry with their unreasonable demands to be paid a decent wage and be part of the American Middle class. They don't have real jobs, they work for us. We made their work for them and they ought to be grateful!

And we have to stop the teenagers who are out having unprotected sex and singing about Fridays and Saturdays and Pants and all that other stuff that Ark Music Factory has devil tooled on our butts. They're having sex and getting pregnant and having abortions like it was candy! I know they are. And then they're claiming it on their income tax as a medical expense and that means we, the taxpayers, are really footing the bill for their abortions.

Oh yeah, and the baby boomers who are now trying to get a free ride after aborting all their children at public expense and now they think they can retire!

So, stop the brown babies from being born as anchors for terrorist baby boomer retirees who want to rob us of our hard earned pay! Stop it now! Support Rethuglican Initiatives! They all know that we were better off back in the 19th century. And anyone who says otherwise is just itchin' to taste some lead!

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