Sunday, March 20, 2011

How Do We Manage Healthcare

Financially, things are not going the best they possibly could.

We screwed up a little, but we also have medical bills we really don't need. Kris is battling with the insurance company to get a prescription covered. I've stopped taking two medications because the deductibles went up and the benefits were outweighed by the costs.

Kris had to have two mammograms because the radiologist who reads these new mammograms is very careful. I went back to the urologist with a PSA higher than normal - but lower than it had been when we did a shove up and clip test - and the urologist wanted to do another procedure despite the fact that he had done this less than six months earlier and found nothing.

The mammogram costs approximately $200 per - an increase. The urological procedure about $1000.

Are the physicians aware of what's happening to costs and who's having to pay the costs? I don't think so. I think that our doctors, in particular, who have their hands full just don't know what it's costing the patient.

Single payer is the answer!

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