Friday, December 12, 2008

Browser Wars - and other events

I just upgraded my Firefox browser, and the thing stopped tabbing correctly. Maybe it will come back to proper tab functionality when I reboot. Otherwise I'm going to have to spend time getting that to work - or switch to another browser. Temporarily I've gone to Safari for Windows. Not that fond of Safari, but it's better than explorer. It means rebuilding the browser password data base, but that's a minor inconvenience.

Finished classes today. Finished strong in two of the three - great conversation in Argumentation; interesting presentation in Rhetoric. Intro was just a review for the test, but even that went well. The truly great class was Mass Media. They finished with presentation of their projects on Thursday. One group did a trailer for a movie they'll never shoot.

The team that put this together did it with a crappy digital camera (Digital 8 - an ok format but with a tendency to crash on Mac) and no training. They figured out what they were doing on their own. I'm pretty impressed.

Overall I'm impressed with our year thus far. Good kids, good classes.

Now I have to get grading. But not before I dance with the Folkdanslag Saturday, 10 am. Pictures up tomorrow night!

Basketball, Art Show Gallery Talk, Vespers, Break time, Orchestra Concert all coming in the next two days. Amazing!

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