Thursday, December 4, 2008

A year away

It's been almost a year since I posted a comment.

How are things going in Lindsborg right now?

There are reasons to be excited, and reasons to feel gloomy.

Jallisco is doing landoffice business, the Crown is doing moderately well, the Ice Cream store has closed and the Courtyard's tennants have disappeared. It's a mixed bag on main street.

The College is building and busy and beautiful. I had a student come back from Atlanta the other day and she was amazed by how different the campus looked. "I can't believe it. It looks like a college campus." The people at Student Life are doing a great job of serving student needs. The new dorms have students excited about living on campus. Lots of positive stuff.

But there are students who are discontented. One of my advisees got registered for spring classes, declared a major and a week later withdrew. He was unhappy with a part of the athletic program. He could get more for less money. He's not alone in leaving.

I love my house. The Carlsons left us a great place to live. My in-laws were down for the holiday and praised the place. But the siding's old enough to have cracks in it. There's a small and troubling leak in a second floor closet.

So, how's it going?

A little great, a little down in the dumpsie.

That's what life's supposed to be like, isn't it?

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