Monday, December 8, 2008

Last Week of Class

Everybody's getting a haircut, says Nancy Pelosi. The Chicago Tribune declared bankruptcy. Even your scotch tape company is cutting jobs.

But I'm more interested in things that are going right, or maybe just things under my control.

Going right: The balcony at Presser Hall. Thanks to DeVere Blomberg it looks and sits much better. DeVere not only contributed to the costs, he spent hour after hour working on the project. The balcony is beautiful and it was well occupied for yesterday's Jultid concert/worship service.

On the other hand, students, in their last week of classes seemed rather dead today. I felt that way too. The 9 and 11 am classes just wouldn't talk. The 1 pm class was different, since it was a student presentation.

We have to keep going to the end, but it is sometimes hard to keep all the way to the goal. DeVere's work at the college is a great inspiration to me.

Thanks, DeVere!

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