Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Minnesota News?

Is this really news? There is snow in Minnesota in December. Who'da thunk it.

It's nice, white, powdery stuff. Easy to shovel, though I'm not that into shoveling snow. I went out in it about a half an hour ago, took these pictures, made a path to the car and came back inside. I'm not a cold wiennie or anything - but it is cold along with the snow and I'm not that used to this much cold anymore.

There was a time. Why, back in the days of '89 or '90 Jon and Emily came for Christmas and it was freezing cold in my apartment. I bought Jon hockey skates that Christmas and we bought a snow tube that didn't slide and a saucer that did. That was cold - it must have been 20 below on Christmas day, yet we went skating at an outdoor rink so Jon could try out the skates.

Ten minutes. Tops. Then frozen fingers and fighting children.

Ah, good times, great memories.

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