Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Think Globally, Shop Locally

Went into Blacksmith Coffee Shop this afternoon. It smelt so good that I had to buy some certified organic fair traded El Salvador Vienna Roast. I also got a short description of the history of coffee.

I haven't tasted the coffee yet, but I'm guessing that I'm going to enjoy it. It will definitely be the freshest coffee I've ever ground. I'm suspecting that I'm going to like it.

Mark Galloway is the owner of Blacksmith Coffee. A friendly guy he knows more about coffee than anyone else in this town, he's good for a complete program on coffee and all its phases - from sprout to roasted bean.

We're working on inviting him to Rotary - so if you want to get the whole story, watch this space for the announcement of the date he'll be giving us the coffee scoop.

In the meantime, go buy yourself some fresh roasted, take it home and brew it up.

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Mark Galloway said...

Thanks Kalle!

I appreciate your post. It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope you enjoy your El Salvadoran treasure! It's not as dark as most Swedes like there coffee, but the flavor is excellent.

Also, you can stay tuned for updates on new roasts and special deals at I'm hoping to have a truly Swedish style blend worked up within the week.

Merry Christmas to you and your readers!