Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Faculty Assembly II

A major concern for faculty is, ta-dah, students. Right now we're talking about the forms needed to get early intervention with students who need help.

That's a great idea. There are, of course, two problems. Problem one is that some students don't want help. They have the Amy Winehouse attitude - you know - "they tell me go to rehab and I said, no, no, no." I've had a few of those students. They are difficult.

On the other hand, we also have troubles with some faculty who don't want to do the kinds of things that are needed in the contemporary academy. "I'm not good with the touchie feelie kind of thing," one faculty told me last year in connection with teaching Bethany Seminar. That instructor turned down a request to teach.

There's no doubt that students are the great joy of the academic life - and the great difficulty of the academic life. I could get a lot more blogging done if it weren't for the students.

The question was just raised, "How many students with suicidal thoughts do we have?" Well, we have lots of students in this age group who have suicidal thoughts, even take some steps towards self destruction. "Even a joking suicidal comment we take seriously." Yes, we have to take such seriously.

We have many students who are medicated, says one of our staff. Yes, we certainly do. Some are self medicating - a common event for college students. Most of my generation was self-medicating their way through undergradate days.

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