Thursday, August 16, 2007

Learning About Houselife

Spent the day being domestic, mostly. Tomorrow I'm going to go cut grass at the college. But today was mostly about domestic issues.

I had to go to the insurance agent. I took a trip to Scotts. I did a little computer maintenance before going to the office to do a little class prep and pick up a phone number and name to keep going on domestic issues.

From 2:30 to dinner time I spent my time getting dinner ready. I made two types of home made salsa, washed the grill, got the fire going and cooked dinner.

While I was doing all this I realized how much time domesticity consumes. All you have to do is plan a meal that's more than just a pop it in the oven or throw it on the grill meal and you suddenly have an afternoon filled. So that's what my mother did while I was away at school!

Oh, I knew that, but it was just a sudden epiphany this afternoon that led me to write these few lines. That, and being domestic, cooking and arranging - it's kind of fun. It's a shame when work has to get in the way of living!

This Saturday we're packing up one of the cars and taking the blog on the road. We'll be touring the new Scenic Byway from Canton to the Northwestern End. If we get wireless hotspots along the way we'll do live blogging.

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