Thursday, August 30, 2007

The New News

Update and Correction Below

I picked up a copy of the Lindsborg News Record for August 30th.

Top story, graphics above the fold - no photo from the meeting, but a large graphic representation of Abercrombie's plan - was the remodeling proposal for the Sundstrom building.

You read it here on the 20th. You read it in the LNR on the 30th.

First item in Valley Voice - notice on the new stop signs on Grant street, along with a convoluted explanation on why Grant Street at those 3 intersections. You read it there on the 30th. You read it here on the 24th. There, no photos. Here two photos.

Want to know about the Boxing Club? The Prairie Trail byway? Helen's closing of Lindsborg Antiques? You won't find out about that in the LNR, apparently. Read the blog, this is the new news.

No, you haven't read about the Boxing Club - yet - that's coming next week when I go there with two of the Bethany Messenger reporters.

Update and Correction

I was incorrect on the date on which I first published news about the Sundstrom building. It was the 24th and not the 20th. I should have consulted my archive before making a boast. Thanks to Dan Carr of the LNR for the correction.

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