Friday, August 24, 2007

President Leonard and the Faculty

President Leonard spent the better part of Thursday afternoon in the Lindquist room at Wallerstedt Library, listening to faculty hopes and dreams. He began his time with faculty by announcing that he had nine questions to ask us. The video above does not list all the questions, but only the first two, ones I'd like to ask the readers to respond to. What about Bethany is worthy of preserving? What about Bethany needs to change? There may be a third question in this video - "What do you hope I'll do?" The faculty answer was, "raise money and provide leadership." Even if that question isn't asked in the video, I ask it of the readers. What do you hope the President will do? As you can see from even these brief snippets, President Leonard is quite comfortable in his own skin, and is willing to simply sit and listen.

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