Thursday, August 9, 2007

Still Hot, Hot, Hot

It's still hot and threatening to get hotter.

Of course, mad dog that I am (I'm not an Englishman, so I must be a mad dog), I seem not to know to come out of the mid-day sun.

I'm not the only one.

I stopped at City Hall where the office staff and city manager were all staying out of the heat. I was just there to pay my electric bill. I asked about the workers. "They don't get to take the day off just because it's so hot." But were they working the really hot jobs, like repairing asphalt. "No. The county might be working near Harrison Cole, where the asphalt meets the brick." If they were they had gone home. Good sense.

Meantime, over on the college campus, folks had no more sense than I have.

The avenue of Flags is going in, north of the Swensson statue. The Swensson Avenue pavement continues to come up, but slowly due to the embedded and old rebars.

I asked about the plan for Swensson. Jeff reported that the street will be narrowed to 10 feet, allowing vehicle access to the center of campus as needed. The new street will be a combination of concrete and paving stones, the way the turning circle is paved around Dr. Swensson now.

The new parking lot and sidewalks by Stroebel Gibson are being prepared.

The problem - and it is a minor one for Stroebel Gibson parking lot - was that the soil beneath the old parking lot was too loosely packed, and too wet for a new parking lot. So the contractor had to remove a foot of topsoil, and the subsoil has to be packed down.

The sewer/water line that has the water turned off to the majority of the north side of campus is just about finished. The campus should be back to having water throughout by next week.

All in all, things are moving along, but there is still a long way to go.

And the guys doing the work will continue to have it Hot, Hot, Hot. The weather channel says another 7 days of this.

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